Table 1.

Parameter values for the base non-GM model and ranges explored for the GM counterparts. Values are also given for the physico-chemical culture system; also see text. The nutrient regime equates to that of the classic f/2 medium [24] containing 882 µM N and 36.2 µM P.

parameteradditional commentunitphysics and chemistrymicroalgae
non-GMGM range tested
surface lightnoon value at 0° latitude; see textµmol photon m−2 s−12180
light–dark cyclesee textfraction0.5
optical depthm0.1
nutrient-NgN m−312.35
nutrient-PgP m−31.12
µmaxmaximum growth rate in continuous lightd−11.3860.5–4
ChlCmaxmaximum pigment content per g of cell-CgChl (gC)−10.060.01–0.06
αChlinitial slope of photosynthesis–irradiance curve(gC mol−1 photon) × (m2 g−1 Chl)71–14
Mcontrols photoacclimation ratedimensionless21–4
NC0minimum N quotagN (gC)−10.050.01–0.1
PC0minimum P quotamgP (gC)−151–10
KQNcontrols efficiency of cell-N usagedimensionless100.0625–10
KQPcontrols efficiency of cell-P usagedimensionless0.010.001–1
BasResbasal respiration as a fraction of µmaxdimensionless0.050.01–0.15
ProtResmetabolic respiration referenced to N-growthgC respired × (gN assimilated)−11.50.75–3
CstrucNstructural C relative to nitrogenous coregC (gN)−10.80.5–2
CNcoreC : N for the nitrogenous core of the cell (protein, nucleic acids, etc.)gC (gN)−13.22–4